A Resignation


A Resignation

A series of events occurred a couple of weeks ago that I knew would rip me from my position of Consul. In short, I approached my Leadership Team and we set out to seek the best path to help the Clan succeed once the reigns were turned over. We established several new policies, got our people to buy into it and are now executing the final phase of this change.

I, Braecen Kaeth Kunar, am resigning the position of Consul and granting power to my successor Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine. I congratulate him on his year of hard work and dedication, knowing that he will lead the Clan towards bigger and better things. He might even get them over the hump and knock off Taldryan!** ;-) ** (Hey, I am resigning... let me dream!)

I wanted to thank Jac Cotelin for giving me the chance to serve the Brotherhood, Sarin for his trust in my controlled chaos and all of Scholae Palatinae for being wonderful members, deft pupils and a caring family. Thank you for all the support and memories...

Consul Emeritus,

Braecen Kaeth Kunar

I've already told you this once but Im gonna say it again. Thank you Braecen and I will miss you.

Congrats Phoenix! Sarin, great choice! Braecen, good luck and hope things go well.

I'm sure Sarin made an excellent decision for the new CON, congrats!

Thanks, Brae. Seeya around. Don't get shot. Don't get drugged up too bad. Don't get banged into a wall.

Hey, Pho. Congrats. Get me a drink, Beer Boy.

Congrats Phoenix.

Congrats Phoenix!

Hope you will still be around for IRC :P

Have fun pho...

Does that mean you'll now be getting that nipple ring you've always wanted?

Cuz that'd be hot. In a very psychosis-inducing way.

Brae, good luck with RL stuff, I know how difficult the choice must have been, as I have myself been faced with a similar decision.

Although we didn't always see eye-to-eye on many things, I respected the changes that have been brought to the Clan, and the forward progress we have been through.

Pho, know that we'll be watching you. Mainly of course to see where you stash the liquor. ;)

Ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha . . . . . ahahahaahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

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