Clone Amnesty: 5 days left


Clone Amnesty: 5 days left

Due to the recent amount of cloning issues, the Grand Master and myself have decided to make this a Chamber of Justice priority. However before we start mass prosecutions I am offering everyone in the Brotherhood a one week window of opportunity to escape punishment, on these terms:

_1) If you have a clone (or multiple clones), you shall report them all to the Justicar within the next week.

2) No charges will be leveled against anyone who reports their clones, nor competition results altered, etc. The only consequence will be that the clones are deleted from the database.

3) The privacy of members who report clones will be protected. I will not release a list of members who had clones, this information will remain private.

4) Reporting your clones will not put you in disfavor with the Chamber of Justice, but any members with unreported clones discovered after the amnesty ends will be treated harshly._

To summarize, if you currently have a clone - report it to the Justicar in the next week (Deadline = Saturday, September 22nd). You will not be punished for reporting clones in any way, but any members caught with clones after Sept 22nd will be punished harshly. We want to eliminate cloning in the Brotherhood - and I am hoping that all our members will do the right thing and report their clones to me.

Send clone reports to me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), with "clone" somewhere in the subject line. Send them to me by Saturday, Sept 22nd.

Just to clear things up:

  1. The amnesty idea was mine, not Kirs.
  2. Amnesty is being offered because there are a lot of clones out there. Kir is about to begin a sweep of the entire database and I wanted to give people the opportunity to come clean.
  3. As for protecting Taldryan: I am the one who conducted the initial background check on Ricco and all of his clones. I pulled their ips and I sent them to Kir so that Kir could could conduct a proper investigation. I am not interested in protecting anyone. If Taldryan members or anyone for that matter still has clones post amnesty, they are going to get nailed to the wall.
  4. If there is any conspiracy theory out there, its me being soft on the exiting cloners and allowing them a chance to be honest without fear of punishment. If you dislike that aspect of the amnesty period, feel free to email me and we can talk about it.

Christ Etah, get a life that doesn't involve the comments button.

I deleted the other post because I wanted this announcement to be at the top of the news list, yet I didn't want to be spamming it, so I removed the old one and put up an updated announcement here.

As for your repetitive Tal-related complaint - I think someone previously mentioned that Taldryan was actually the clan that reported the cloning cases that lead to prosecution/sentencing of their OWN member. Also, of all the reported clones I've received in the past several days, NONE of them have been from Taldryan. Finally, I haven't initiated my DB-wide search for clones yet, I'm waiting until amnesty week is over for that - so even if Taldryan did have clones, I wouldn't have that knowledge, so I couldn't possibly be "protecting" them.

And I just checked the MB thread I started for this topic (I posted it 3 days ago) and you have yet to make a comment there, or email me personally about any 'issues' you may have with this amnesty. Apparently the appearance of concern is all you really care about.

Why do you keep talking to me?

Yay freedom of speech ^^

If you have actual criticisms or comments, the best way is to always e-mail the parties involved directly. Trying to use the court of public opinion to throw out your "criticisms" is normally the worst way to do things. Kir posted his e-mail there. Use it. And if you're talking about the random accusations you threw out before, then such comments are better left deleted

I’m sure you can deal with criticism in a better way than deleting it

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