Dark Brotherhood Meets Halo 3


Dark Brotherhood Meets Halo 3

Soon the fanboy wet dream known as Halo 3 will be released, and considering the mass appeal and large xbox live community the DB has, Sarin approved a weeklong Halo 3 launch event. Because Bungie (Halo developer) made a sweet system of tracking individual match results, we are able to use Halo 3 like we would any of our official platforms, but matches will be played over Xbox Live. So for those of you interested in playing you’ll need a) and Xbox 360, b) Halo 3, and c) an Xbox Live Gold account

To signup for this event simply post a comment that includes your gamertag. We’ll use the tags given to create a list of eligible players, so make sure you sign up. The competition itself will run from the Saturday following Halo 3’s release to the Saturday after that. That would be September 29th to October 6th.

Double CFs will be rewarded for the event. And the Top 3 placers will earn some sexy Halo-3 themed dossier rewards. The best win/loss records will determine the top placers, with ties going to whoever played more matches. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the awards:

<img src="http://gaming.darkjedibrotherhood.com/shadow/halosword-blue.jpg" border"0">

So if you’re planning on getting Halo 3 and want to get some online play in with your fellow DBers, then sign up now and get ready for the 29th.

Sh4dwhr = me

But...it's not a Star Wars game! We can't use it!

Hypocrisy aside, I've always been a supporter of the DB branching out in to other popular games. I do hope the event goes well, and serves as an example for how successful non-SW gaming in the DB can be.

The King o Town

Tag - Ap0calypse42O

Double Needlers will defenitly kill but so will the new vehicles! Halo 3 Party on Sandtrap level!! Bring your Spartan armor, favorite weapons, and your kick butt attitude.

(Ok, I was joking about the party, but seriously I'll try to get something set up once everyone gets the game and gets enough of the mad campaign)

Halo Halo Halo!!! Halo and Star Wars, the two best battles ever to take place mostly in space!! Anyway, mad fandude aside(lol) My gamertag is as follows:
AnG3lz D3vIL
(Make sure to copy all the letters and numbers correctly or it wont register me and I want that cool lightsaber thing! Thanks!)


Let the dual wield needler pwnage begin.

Just FYI too -- the award is going to be put into your saber slot. It's not like a medal or anything.


That award image is hella cool.

Yes... all this hypocrisy. This weeklong event is just that - weeklong. Halo 3 won't become an official DB platform, nor will it be used in Gaming Nights, etc. If this goes well we'll see about running more competitions like this aimed at other non-SW games. But, most console games can't be supported for DB use simply because matches aren't recorded in the way Halo 3 records them. And, suffice it to say, the "honor system" isn't something I believe some DBers can handle.

Lucien = holla1279

Joseem Maruuch = Josef alMarch

Gamertag = Segurant

I'm in! Cipher002

"Yes, I'm a chick. Yes, I play video games. Too bad for you, this princess is in another castle!" - Cipher

Awesome man!!!!


I'll play! Usertag = Myrmican.

If Myrmican seems to be playing really well, it's my boyfriend. If Myrmican suddenly jumps off the side of a cliff by mistake, that's me ;)

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