Two quick tips: Autocomplete and Linking to tabs


Two quick tips: Autocomplete and Linking to tabs

Since a lot of people have asked about this, I figure I'd just post about it:

1: The autocomplete is a little finicky right now. I'm looking to find a better version, but this will due until then.

Two things you should know when using it: a) the field requires an exact match starting from the beginning of the name, so if you start typing "Cotelin" it will not find "Jac Cotelin." You need to start with Jac. There's a fix to that that I will change to when I get a chance.

b) The completion options take a moment to load and when they do initially, you will likely get a list that starts with "a" names no matter what. For best results, type in the starting letter, wait for the list to load, then continue typing.

2) When you add a relationship, you should be picking the option that shows what the person is to you, not what you are to them.

For example: Kir is Shadow's Mom. To put in this relationship, Shadow would enter Kir and "Mom".

Then when Kir logs in later, he can enter Shadow as "Daughter" and all will be well in the world.


That explains everything! Thanks Jac! I always knew there was something interesting about Shadow and Kir's relationship! They're mother/daughter! ;p j/k!

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