Herald Open for Applications


Herald Open for Applications

DP Kaine Mandaala has decided to step down from the position of Herald. I would like to thank Kaine for his hard work in the position and wish him the best of luck in retirement.

With Kaine's departure, the position of Herald is now open for applications.

Position Overview:

Herald (HRLD)—Herald is both an administrative and architectural position. The day-to-day affairs of the Herald involve the development of Warbanners, Lightsabers, and Robes for members as they achieve the appropriate ranks. This important function allows members to gain some level of control over their own characters. However, the more important aspect of the Herald’s position comes in his work on graphics throughout the Brotherhood. The Herald is the Brotherhood’s prime image consultant and his work reaches to the very foundation of this club; without the images we see on our websites and within our documents, the Brotherhood lacks any luster. He works constantly to keep the Brotherhood graphics up-to-date and standard-driven. His work is often behind-the-scenes, but it is seen daily.


*  Creation and updates to member Warbanners  

* Creation and updates to member Lightsabers  

* Creation and updates to member Robes  

* Joint work with the Master at Arms in the                                         administration of families  

* Creation and updates to all Brotherhood graphics   

Applicants: Applicants have until 5 October to submit an application to Muz and Sarin. Applicants must include 3 examples of their artwork, detail a plan of action for 30/60/90 days, and discuss their ideas for Warbanners/Custom Robes/Custom Sabers. Requirements: DJK and Above. The ability to make graphics beyond stick figures. The ability to work with the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, SCL, and various other Dark Council members. The ability to provide desired services to Dark Brotherhood members.

...long live stick men!

I'll be the first to add my thanks to Kaine for his contributions to the brotherhood, numbering beyond count, he was and is a true pillar of today's dark brotherhood.

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