King of the Hill Tournament


King of the Hill Tournament

Took long enough. I've been waiting for someone else to post before I threw up the details of the King of the Hill Tournament. Didn't want to have three consecutive posts on the news page :P Anyways....

-> ## King of the Hill Tournament <-


1) You have to be in #dbgaming to play matches
2)The Kings are separated into three categories: JK Series (JK, JO, JA), BF Series (BF, BF2) and Misc Series (EaW, RC, GB, XWA, XvT)
3) A gaming day runs from 12:01am EST to 11:59pm EST
4) Report matches as you would for regular gaming nights
5) All questions, comments, issues should be directed to the Gaming Tribune
6) This event starts on Sunday the 30th of September and will run until the end of October, with each Sunday being a restart to the points tally


Any member in the Brotherhood may participate providing they can join the IRC channel #dbgaming and own an MP-capable official DB platform. The Tournament will function much like a gaming night in that you create matches in #dbgaming and report them via the Submit Gaming Scores function in your administration options. Select Gaming Nights as the competition type.

King of the Hill

The King is the person with the most points at the end of a gaming day. He/She will be able to earn twice as many Clusters of Fire for their matches played on the day they're king, but suffer a penalty to how many points they can earn. When a new King is named the old one returns to normal play, and the new King gets the bonus and penalties.

Each week the member with the most times days as King will receive a Crescent with Diamond Star, on top of their Clusters of Fire and a Pendant of Blood.


A tally for every participant’s points will begin when the competition starts this Sunday, and will carry through until the next Sunday when the points will reset.

A win is worth 3 points.
A loss is worth 1 point.

The Kings earn 1.5 points per win and .5 points per loss.
Participants who play the King get double the regular amount of points.

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