2 things everyone here should know


2 things everyone here should know

Since I've started doing the clone sweep and talking to members about it, I've noticed that many people seem to misunderstand what cloning is, and/or haven't heard about the shared IP list. So I wanted to quickly clear those two things up.

Cloning as defined by the Dark Covenant:
Having more than one persona in a single household without prior permission from the Justicar. Matching IP addresses create a presumption of cloning that can only be rebutted by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that two people exist.

So, it's ok if roommates or family members who share a computer all have separate characters - they would all have the same IP, but that's fine if you register. It's only cloning if one person has multiple characters, or if you fail to register a shared computer.

Shared IP Registration
I've mentioned this quite a few times, but some people still seem to have missed it. If you share a computer with someone who also has a character in the DB, you need to tell me (if you already have, don't do it again, please). If you get your brother or roommate to join...let me know. That way when I see two dossiers originating from the same IP address, I can check the list and see that you registered, and then I'll leave you alone.

If you have any other questions about these issues, please email me and ask.

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