T:W Open for applications


T:W Open for applications


The position of Wiki Tribune is now open for applications. The DJBWiki is the ultimate source for all Dark Brotherhood information and requires a leader capable of initiative and dedication fitting for such a large/growing task. I place a great deal on our wiki and would like to see its potential continue to grow (the Wiki will eventually take away the need for a Codex and other information sources).

Applicants will be judged on their knowledge of the Wiki "program", their ideas for the future of the DJBWiki, and their past performance in the Dark Brotherhood.

Please submit applications to Sarin and Muz. You have until 9 October to get them in. Subject line "Make me T:W, foo!"

The position description of the Wiki Tribune can be found below:

Wiki Tribune (T:W)—The Wiki Tribune is responsible for the administration, development and editing of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wiki (Wiki). The Wiki has been established as a respository for all knowledge related to the Dark Brotherhood, and the Wiki Tribune must work with Dark Brotherhood members to ensure fair and accurate articles are recorded. The Tribune is in charge of all standards and guidelines used for editing and creating Wiki Articles. In addition, the Tribune and his staff will edit articles to bring them to standard with similar Wiki entries. The Wiki Tribune ensures quality control and acts as the primary editor of the Wiki. The Tribune's general duties include:

  • Responsible for the Development and maintenance of the Wiki

  • Responsible for the Development of standards and quality control of Articles

  • Polices articles and removes any form of Wiki Vandalism

  • Works with members to ensure content is appropriate for the Wiki

  • Acts as Administrator over the Wiki membership

Specific Wiki Tribune Duties


  • Moderates all accounts for adhering to procedure, ensuring that members use their DJB names as their Wiki User Names

  • Moderates changes made by members, ensuring accurate, unbiased writing

  • Addresses vandals by issuing appropriate warnings and instituting observance measures

  • When appropriate, moves and/or deletes articles and bans and/or deletes user accounts

  • Enforces basic formatting principles as stated in the Quick Start guide


  • Creates and maintains formatting standards

  • Creates and maintains templates used in formatting pages

  • Creates and maintains the Standardizations Guidelines to address issues such as article layout and content, including image usage

  • Educates members on basic formatting principles as stated in the Quick Start guide


  • Assists the Dark Council in keeping the Wiki articles current

  • Assists in and oversees the creation of new articles

  • Helps to organize additions to the Wiki in a logical manner

  • Helps to keep Wiki Articles in line with other Brotherhood sources


  • Develops and maintains standards for members of the Wiki staff

  • Fills staff roles, asking for applications when needed

  • Ensures consistent communication with staff at all times

  • Ensures staff remains on task

  • Assigns roles to staff members so as best to achieve desired results


  • Occasionally creates small competitions for the Brotherhood to participate in

  • Helps to answer member questions and solve Wiki issues

  • Serves as a mediator in solving problems and conflicts involving the Wiki

Something Sarin didn't mention, but the new T:W will also be encouraged by me to create a wiki course for the SA (I've got some stuff from Korras and Kaine to go off of). Well, I guess this falls under the Standardization section, but I wanted to name it specifically.

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