Reclamation Ends


Reclamation Ends

Reclamation Ends!

Over the past month, the Houses of Scholae Palatinae have been waging war against the Yuuzhan Vong that had taken hold of the Cocytus System. Little by little, the warriors of the Royal Clan drove the invaders from the planets, leaving only those Vong that wished to leave behind their ways and intertwine themselves with Scholae Palatinae.

The battles were fierce and each competitor gave it their all and left it all “out on the field” so to speak. In the end, we were victorious over our would be oppressors. The battle ranged over all four planets in the Cocytus System, with Caina seeing the most changes from the Vongforming. Under the leadership of their Quaestors and Aediles, the Houses managed to capture and interrogate 3 Yuuzhan Vong Shapers and gain valuable knowledge and insight into how the Vong think, act, and advance their society.

While all the Houses performed admirably, in any competition, one must come out on top. The scoring was a run away for House Dorimad Sol for the first three weeks of the competition, but in the last week, Caliburnus and Acclivis Draco picked up the slack and ended up on top. Claiming the title of First House of Scholae Palatinae is awarded to House Acclivis Draco with 1289 confirmed Yuuzhan Vong kills. The title of Second House of Scholae Palatinae goes to House Caliburnus with 1279 confirmed kills. House Dorimad Sol garners the title of Third House of Scholae Palatinae with 1193 confirmed kills.

Three individuals stood out during this competition and are recognized as the Redeemers of Cocytus:
Coming in first with 244 kills is Braecen Kaeth, First Redeemer of Cocytus
With 214 kills, RevengeX Palpatine, Second Redeemer of Cocytus
And with 202 kills, Prajna Berkana, Third Redeemer of Cocytus

Congratulations to the Houses and to the Redeemers. This competition fleshed out a lot of details that we were looking to nail down in order to move CSP into the future of the DB.

Warlord Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine
Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Prelate Lucien
Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae

Yay, HAD!

Go Revvy!

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