Recognizing Two Members of the Society of Envoys


Recognizing Two Members of the Society of Envoys

**Conference Hall of the Arcanum, Mobile Shadow Academy**

_The entire Society of Envoys gathered in the conference hall, eagerly awaiting the Knight Commander. A little over 24 hours ago, the KCB had sent out an urgent communiqué to the Society, complete with coordinates and flight plans to the Arcanum. The Knight Commander did not assemble the entire Society often, and when he did, it was usually something of great importance.

All 30+ members of the Society crammed themselves around the conference table and were talking amongst themselves when Lucien walked through the door and took the seat at the head of the conference table. As the Obelisk looked around the table, he saw many familiar faces and some he was meeting for the first time. Taking out a datapad and pushing a few buttons, Lucien stood and began to address the congregation._

“Esteemed Members of the Society of Envoys, first let me thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know that it is not often I call a full meeting of the Society, but today marks a special occasion. Anshar had hoped he could be here, but there is a rush on exams the past couple of weeks and he is neck deep in students and papers to grade. He sends his best.”

The Knight Commander began to walk around the room, taking notice that some of the Brotherhood’s more revered members were sitting at this table. One Grand Master and countless Dark Jedi Masters were sitting here, waiting to hear why this upstart KCB had summoned them here.

“I can sense that some of you are growing weary of this, so I will get straight to the point. It has been far too long since someone was elevated to higher rank within the Society and I aim to rectify that today. You are all here to bear witness to two individuals who are above and beyond what we consider good Envoys. They perform their individual duties without pause or consideration of what is in it for them. They simply act. It is my pleasure and honor to recognize them for their efforts today.

Priest Sephiroth Kali and Warrior Ashura Isradia, please stand and come to the front of the room. Today I, with the blessing of the Grand Master and Headmaster, do hereby elevate you to the rank of Knight First Class Envoy and grant you the prestige and honor that goes with the title. I want to personally thank you for your continued exemplary service to the Society, as without you both; your respective Clans would be hard pressed to service the new members of the Clan. You put service before yourself and handle yourselves with integrity and honor in everything that you do. Congratulations gentlemen, this is truly an honor. Not many have been able to call themselves Knight First Class as the people sitting before you can attest. Now, with your new rank and prestige firmly planted in the rolls of Brotherhood history, get back to work!”

OOC: This doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it means that the member in question has done more for the Society as a whole than is expected of them. I could go into detail as to why these two deserve this, but their list of accomplishments is far too long for the news page. Congrats again Sephiroth and Ashura. You make this Knight Commander very proud.

~Prelate Lucien
Knight Commander of the Brotherhood

Congrats both of you!

Has a heart attack

Wow! I certainly didn't expect this! It is an Honor and a pleasure to serve as an Envoy for the Brotherhood and to serve Clan Tarentum. I'm speachless! Thank You all, and happy Halloween!

congrats both of you, HAIL KNIGHTS OF THE BROTHERHOOD! (bows down to the best)


I'm deeply honoured. I've just want to say thank you, to everyone involved, I dont think I have done anything "special"; I've just tried to be useful member of my Clan and Society -- Envoying is just something I have fun doing. :)

You both deserve it. I am sure that you will continue to be a valued member of our society, as well as members of your clans. I wish you luck in your work.

Assistant Envoy, Anubis Wrath

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