Dark Brotherhood: The Card Game


Dark Brotherhood: The Card Game

In addition to the Infinities Comp (which you know you want to do), I've decided that I'm also going to do a "Create DJB Character Cards" comp. Motivated by recent comments I made to/about Kaek (read Sarin's report), your objective will be to create a Magic/whatever card game-like ability for as many people in the DB as you like. If you get really creative, you'll also hunt down images for those people.

This is meant to be a humorous competition. Feel free to find images that are funny, i.e. an image of Colonel Klink for Oberst, Courtney Love or Paul Reubens for Shadow, Matlock for Jac, and so on, and so forth. As soon as I get the awards and such figured out with the rest of the Consuls and DC, I'll post the specifics. Please, email your submissions to your Consuls, and we'll get them figured out at a later date.

So, get doing Infinities, and have fun with this one. And, by the way, no one can steal my Kaek ability. :P

Or my Codpiece of Fury, for that matter :P

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