New Palpatine Named


New Palpatine Named

Cuchulain Darkblade pulled Impetus to her feet as seven of the others moved in towards them, also revealing their identities by pulling back their hoods. RevengeX and Desio Predator were side-by-side, Arania Lawakiro and Natth a’Niel gave one another some much needed support after their ordeal. Vally Tamalar and Vail Aquillarum Untemiar guided Rhaub D’ar Aghasett, making a brief appearance for the ceremony. Impetus looked from those around her then back to Cuchulain still not comprehending what was happening, and suddenly very aware that she was naked. Cuchulain looked up from Impetus eyes to someone else behind her and gently turned the woman around.

Phoenix Olkyssagh d’Tana strode up to her as best he could, holding a cloak and threw it around the woman’s shoulders. “You have been held to account over your actions in the Royal Clan, Impetus Korin.” He pulled the cloak tight around her, showing no emotion. “It has been decided that you have much more work to do. As such you are charged with a mission.” The cloak was fastened with a platinum crest of Scholae Palatine, the sun background, with the sword wrapped by the dragon etched perfectly into the expensive metal. “You are now a guardian of the Palpatine line, a protector of his Dark Side knowledge, and advocate to the execution of his will.” He stepped back looking at the woman, taking his place in the circle that surrounded her again, though this time much closer. Realisation now etched across her face as, led by the Consul, the circle all bowed their heads to her.

“As a guardian of the Royal Clan, welcome to the Royal Family, Impetus Korin Palpatine.”

Congratz Imp and cooch resist your urges


gratz imp, you deserve it

Congrats! :P

Congrats, Imp!


Congradulations Impetus :)


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