Tarentum Consul


Tarentum Consul

So, I mentioned this in my most recent report, but I figured I'd make a quick announcement on this for the benefit of everyone. I got my acceptance letter on Saturday/Sunday (I didn't realize it was there until Sunday morning), and I start paramedic school in the beginning of January. The time requirements for medic school mean I feel the need to resign as Consul of Tarentum, and I'll be doing so within the next few weeks.

If you have any interest in applying for the job, you can start working on your applications now. Sarin will be accepting apps after I resign, and having them ready to go for when that happens will help speed the process up of getting a Consul selected and in. Lengthy periods without a central leader can be bad for any unit, Clan or otherwise. I made the offer already in my report, but I figured I'd mention it for anyone interested in the job.

If you want to know what I've been working on and anything else related to being able to pick up and continue on where Tarentum's future is concerned, toss me an email. Within the next few days, if anyone expresses interest in that info, I'll be sending out a group email with that info, so things can be laid out and discussed as need be. I'm planning on resigning sometime between the 1st and the 15th of December, so, that should give you plenty of time to work up an application and a plan of action to submit to Sarin.

Have a wonderful evening.


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