And more new SA stuff...


And more new SA stuff...

A bit sooner than initially anticipated, but, as promised, a new course and a new degree.

The new course is the Wiki Basics course, created in part by Kaine, Korras, and finished up by Tron. You may find this course under the Khar Shian campus, and it should work properly.

Secondly, the Dark Maven-History degree is now available. Requirements can be found on the wiki article with the rest of the degrees. Unlike previous times, I've not split the clans up for grandfathering. Everything will come to me.

This will be the final new course and degree for this year. There are other things, both DB and real life, that need our attention.

didm't see the Dark Maven-History degree requirments on the wiki page maybe i looked to soon.

Ok, yeah, not sure what happened there. I remember editing the article, viewing the preview, and then hitting save. Well, the information is up there now.

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