Degree Grandfathering Information


Degree Grandfathering Information

Just a reminder that the grandfather periods for all degrees except history are closed. So, if you've done more than 50% of the work towards it, you cannot sign up for it/receive it at this time.

I have made only one exception thus far, and I will announce it here for everyone's knowledge: members who are deployed on active duty for their nation's military, especially in combat zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan, and who don't/didn't have regular internet access, can apply for the degrees at any time.

This being said, I have decided that there will be "open enrollment" periods in the future to allow those of you who missed them for other reasons. Exactly when they will be, I have not decided. Watch the news page.

Finally, grandfathering requests for Dark Maven- History must be in by Wednesday, December 5.

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