*Gasp* Gaming News


*Gasp* Gaming News

So, it has been a while since I last made a news post. Mainly because not a lot has been happening game-wise. For the November Gaming "Thing" I decided to trial run what everyone and their mom has been begging for - that is, letting the DB play with non-SW games. And guess what... Not a SINGLE match was played. GASP Of course, fake shock aside I expected this. We've tried getting into non-SW gaming several times and in several different ways. It never pans out. Oh well... this should stop people from bitching for about 1-2 weeks.

In other news. The lovely and talented Benevolent Whiner has done me a great favor in designing a little website page for reporting ICTE matches. See after working all week I don't really feel like waking up at 9am to start ICTE and idle for match submissions - and for the 0-5 matches that get played it really doesn't feel worth it. BUT! Now I have this handy little site that people can report their matches to and then I can take care of it when I wake up. So a big thank you to Ben for coding that up for me. Currently the page is hosted off of taldryan.net because I failed at getting it to work on the ICTE page. Something about global failure... I don't really understand it when Ben tries to explain.

That about wraps up this rendition of 'Shut the hell up and game'. ICTE is on tomorrow at around noon eastern time. November non-SW gaming is now over, December will have something announced soon.

UPDATE: As Halc mentioned - the site can be found at http://taldryan.net/shadow/submit.php and the reason I didn't announce it publically til the ICTE started is because I didn't want people using it before they had to. If you're participating in the ICTE today it's in the channel's topic.

What's the site?

Wow, very enthusiastic, Shad. Maybe if you don't feel like waking up for ICTE then you should let someone else who does run it? :P Go ahead and delete this comment whoever wants to, but I can't stop myself from laughing when someone complains about people not gaming even though he is the one too lazy to do something about it. Vive le gaming...

Link: http://www.taldryan.net/shadow/submit.php

Having an actual submission form I think makes more sense then having someone hang around waiting to be PMed, but maybe it's just me?

And I find it amusing when people who have had the chance to do something with gaming failed and then bitch about what others do. Why don't more people participate in the ICTE? Could it be because it's just another gaming night that involves a handful of non-DB people? Or maybe because it's run on Saturday and most people have better stuff to do. Me not wanting to be around for 12+ hours to accept matches shouldn't have anything to do with how many people want to play, so I created an alternative for reporting matches... which, as I recall, you also had Orv working on, though he disappeared before it was working.

My caring for the ICTE is minor because in my opinion gaming within the DB comes first. Basically for the last two months I've been running the ICTE for the GE members to get some medals - far from inspiring stuff. The truth is the ICTE fails as an "inter club training event" and needs to be heavily reworked so that it's more interesting to the members of all the clubs.

But thanks for the input. It's nice to know I'm not doing everything I can to make Karel and Merlance happy with the ICTE. A huge blow to my ego there.

Karel. Shut up. You failed as ICTE Tribune. You even failed as an organizer for the ORW. Maybe once you stop failing, you can step up and say something to Shad (who's done more work for gaming in this club in the last 2 months than most ICTE/Gaming tribunes combined ever).

Unfortunately for you - and fortunately for the rest of us - that won't be for a long time.

I actually thought that Karel did a fine job with ORW. Overall, I think his comment, although harsh and somewhat uncalled for, is referring to the prefacing of the actual article with complaints, irritation, and "see I told you." Generally posts that begin like that are downers all around and make everyone a little on edge. If we could all work on minimizing articles with negative tones towards members, the entire club would be better off.

That'll be enough of the arguing everyone. Thank you :)

Your Welcome.

Shad did something to improve gaming? where? :P

Karel didnt fail anything. none of the previous ICTE/gaming tribunes did. so dont blame them. IMO, they made the best out of what was to offer.

the basic problem here and now is that gaming died out because it doesnt mean crap anymore. So what if you have more than 1000 CF's? Not even special anymore. It gets old, and I have gamed a lot during my time in the DB, and I dont feel like it anymore. It isnt the same as back then.

So what will you do about it? Create a new award for gaming? Have special ranks you can gain like in the ACC? Will you improve advertising by posting on the news board more than once a year :P?

Shadow, I have faith in you and I wont judge you in any way. But my two cents would be to enstate something new for gaming in general.

Elite Clusters of Fire? Pendants of Blood? Having a new medal for gaming has been tried before.

I actually wasn't joking before when I asked everyone to stop arguing. If you want to discuss the issue at hand take it to the message board thread discussing this issue here..

And also, just another friendly reminder...

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