Jac's Really Dumb Results from a year ago!


Jac's Really Dumb Results from a year ago!

Ooooops! I forgot to post results for the last Jay Arr Dee See!

You know...JRDC...Jac's Really dum CompeTition!

Here are the results for JRDC #11: http://jrdc.darkjedibrotherhood.com/archive.asp?JRDCID=11

6684: Malidir Dinistr Erinos - Most Fastest Answererer!

205: Desio Predator - Most Bestest Answer!

3931: Chaosrain Taldrya - Most Retardestest Answer!

4438: Uzbad Zol Tamalar - Most Longest Answer that I didn't read!

Correct Option Guesses:

8154: Rho 'Dynamite' d'Tana

4793: Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

5: Kaine Mandaala

84: Shadow Taldrya

8047: Al

1440: Morrigan Ryukossei Jade

Congrats everyone! You're as dumb as me!

Sorry to say that this is the last of the JRDC news posts. The dumbness is reserved for Taldryan only now -- a great reason to transfer!




Does Chaos get a title for getting the dumbnedest(retardestest) answer again...?

Yes. He gets the title of "Jac's favorite retard of 2006." Malidir gets the title of "One pump chump of 2006." Predfish gets the title of "Jac's bestest friend of 2006." And Uzbad gets the title of, "Dude, seriously. You talked more than Goat in 2006."

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