Announcements - Krath High Priest


Announcements - Krath High Priest

My apologies or not getting these in previously - I only got back from leave yesterday evening.

1: Order Leader comp results will be done as soon as possible - should be by the end of the weekend.

2: Krathies don't forget you still have a couple more days to submit to the Lower/Upper Decks competitions - check the Krath website for more details.

3: All Orders can submit to the Monthly Topic - again there are a couple more days before this closes so get those entries in! More details as ever, are on the Krath website.

4: Can I take this opportunity to remind people to keep their virus scanners regularly updated? If you don't have one, get one. This club relies on the frequent emailing of attachments, and if your attachment is infected with a virus, it will get deleted with no questions asked. Please, please, please show a little care for other people as well as yourself and make sure that you keep yourself protected from viruses.

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