di Tenebrous Arconae Grow Stronger...


di Tenebrous Arconae Grow Stronger...

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Assembled before the Altar of R`Cayne in the Hall of Shadows, Clan Arcona readied themselves for their introduction to the newest Clan title bearers. As it stood, "di Tenebrous Arconae" had dwindled in numbers. It was now time to address this imbalance and add two more to their ranks. Mejas Doto sat on the Serpentine Throne, his hood drawn and his entirety shrouded in darkness. To his right sat Proconsul Sashar Kodiak Erinos, the first Shadow Scion of the new Resurrection. As Mejas rose to his feet the little lighting that illuminated the Hall of Shadows was extinguished. Muttering speculation echoed throughout the great hall as the Children of Chaos discussed what they were about to witness. Who would be chosen? What would be done to them? Or was this yet more slight-of-hand from their unconventional leader...

As quickly as it was extinguished lighting once again appeared, though dimmer and concentrated around the altar. It revealed Mejas Doto standing behind the altar, with Proconsul Sashar at one end and Epis Alex d`Tana at the other.

"My Children of Chaos, we are gathered to bear witness to the ascension of two of Arcona's most loyal brethren. Both Dark Jedi have served Arcona absolutely and completely, with disregard to all others and everything else outside our coveted Clan."

Mejas turned to his left to face the towering Krath Epis.

"Alex dTana has resided within Arcona far longer than myself and in his service to our Clan has become a living testament of loyalty, dedication and commitment. He has forsaken his own desires for power and has sacrificed himself again and again for the greater good of Arcona. He is a voice of reason, truth and pure Arconan will. From this day forth, in recognition of your unmatched loyalty to this Clan, you will be known as Alex dTana, di Tenebrous Arconae."

As Mejas finished his speech Alex bowed slowly as his Consul nodded curtly, a sneer of adulation appearing across his face. But, just as quickly as it appeared, it had gone and Mejas turned now to face his Proconsul.

"Sashar Kodiak Erinos is a Dark Jedi of youth, vision and power - the likes of which has been all but bled dry from our mighty Clan. While Alex represents our history, Proconsul Sashar represents our future. He stands here now in representation of each of our new generation. Since my return to the Serpentine Throne, Sashar has been indispensable to me. He has the reverence of all in the Clan, he has the power and courage to command you all as I would myself and he has vision and wisdom far beyond his years. He is the first Shadow Scion of our resurrected Clan and without him I do not know whether we would stand here as we do now. From this day forth, in recognition of your leadership, guidance and vision for this Clan, you will be known as Sashar Kodiak Erinos, di Tenebrous Arconae."

Much like Alex, Sashar took his bow as Mejas nodded in approval and recognition of the title he had granted.

As the assembled Arconan's had witnessed the ascension, every one of them felt they too could attain the coveted Clan title. The examples before them were possible for all and as a thirst for more power and honour was born inside every Arconan present, Mejas' eyes burnt brighter than ever in the recesses of his ink black hood.

"My Children of Chaos; the Clan had started to revitalise itself, the Arconae are growing in numbers and in time the rest of the Brotherhood will once more fear the truly formidable power of the Shadow Clan. Your time is now. The first two have risen up to take what Arcona can offer....which of you will be next?"


Gratz Alex snugs

Congratulations Sashar.

Congratulations, this one of the greatest honors to be bestowed upon a member by his Clan. You have earned the right to bear your Clan's name and your devotion to Arcona is proof thereof. Congrats!

Grats guys...awesome stuff! /me snugglehugs Dashly and Allie-poo

Nice work you two! You deserve it!

WAY2GO ARCONA BUDDIES!!!!!!!!111111111

Gratz Alex! And I guess congrats to Dash as well :P

Congrats, you two!

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