Grand Master Sarin on LoA


Grand Master Sarin on LoA

For those of us who didn't know, Grand Master Sarin is on LoA as he is in transit to his duties with the United States Armed Forces in Iraq. He is expecting to have a connection available to him once he settles in over there, but we expect that he will be on LoA for 5 days to a week.

I hope you'll all join me in wishing him well in his duties in combat, serving to protect our freedoms, regardless of what you think about the war.

In the event that something doesn't work out with his connection and he is out of contact for an extended time, Sarin did leave rather detailed instructions with the Star Chamber. While we don't expect it to come down to that, they will step in to keep the ball rolling if need be.

Further, as we have not yet named a new Headmaster, I will be acting Headmaster until we do. Applications ARE still being accepted. In the meantime, any concerns regarding the Shadow Academy should be emailed to me at muz.ashen(at)gmail(dot)com.

Also, Sarin did ask me to post this bit of shiny goodness if he couldn't. It's a taste of things yet to come.

Click here

You know, I don't regularly say this, but that screenshot? That's actually pretty impressive.

I think the screenie is trul teh sexiestlayout the brotherhood may ever see. I wish you luck over there Sarin and hope to see you back in the US soon.

Good luck to you Sarin, wherever you're posted. Stay safe and strong!

Former member, US Army. =)

Good luck, nice screenie

Good luck to Sarin, and may I say, that is the best layout I've ever seen. Hope to see it again soon.

YAY. Hope you don't get sick this time Sarin.

Currently in Baghdad, Iraq, US Army!

Godspeed Sarin. Stay safe and well!

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