GM Update


GM Update

Greetings from Ireland,

Hey everyone. I wanted to shoot out a quick message to update everyone on my status. I have just arrived in Ireland after a seven hour flight from the US. We are currently sitting around as our plane refuels and then I will be flying to Kuwait. Once in Kuwait I will spend a few days and then I will arrive in Iraq.

My buddies just sent me an email and my living quarters have already been set up and my internet connection is hooked up. So I should not be away for any longer than one week from today.

Muz stated earlier that we will wait to choose a Headmaster until I am able to get to Iraq and then talk over the possible options for the position.

I will answer any emergency emails from Kuwait (when I go to the internet lounge to email my wife), so if you do have an emergency that needs my attention, be sure to state so in the subject of your email.

I apologize for not getting a report out prior to my departure, but my family had to come first on my last day in country and that left no time for the DB.

Talk to everyone soon!

GM Sarin

Stay safe, Sarin.

Hey Sarin, I hope that you'll stop by Rustamiyah from time to time. I'll be looking for ya in the BSB motorpool ;-).

Good luck over there GM. Also be nice to any Australian CIMIC soldiers you meet, especially a Cpt. Tobin. I'd hate to hear from my dad that you Americans were rude :P

Godspeed Sarin! Hope to see you back safely. uberhuggles

Your favorite Halo 3 player,


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