Darth Bane: Rule of Two


Darth Bane: Rule of Two

Darth Bane: Rule of Two... released Dec 26.

In the New York Times bestseller Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, Drew Karpyshyn painted a gripping portrait of a young man's journey from innocence to evil. That man was Darth Bane, a twisted genius whose iron will, fierce ambition, and strength in the dark side of the Force made him a natural leader among the Sith-until his radical embrace of an all-but-forgotten wisdom drove him to destroy his own order . . . and create it anew from the ashes. As the last surviving Sith, Darth Bane promulgated a harsh new directive: the Rule of Two.

Two there should be; no more, no less.

_One to embody the power, the other to crave it. Now Darth Bane is ready to put his policy into action, and he thinks he has found the key element that will make his triumph complete: a student to train in the ways of the dark side.

Though she is young, Zannah possesses an instinctive link to the dark side that rivals his own. With his guidance, she will become essential in his quest to destroy the Jedi and dominate the galaxy.

But there is one who is determined to stop Darth Bane: Johun Othone, Padawan to Jedi Master Lord Hoth, who died at Bane's hands in the last great Sith War. Though the rest of the Jedi scoff at him, Joshua's belief that there are surviving Sith on the loose is unshakeable.

As Johun continues his dogged pursuit of the man who killed his master, Zannah, faced unexpectedly with a figure from her past, begins to question her embrace of the dark side. And Darth Bane is led by Force-induced visions to a moon where he will acquire astonishing new knowledge and power-power that will alter him in ways he could never have imagined. . . . _

Big thanks to Sephiroth, who reminded me of this.

Hmm, I also forgot about this.
/me runs to go buy it

Tied to the absolutely god-awful Jedi vs Sith comic from a few years back...pass :P

Side note: Drew Karpyshyn was the lead writer for Mass Effect. He also wrote the Mass Effect: Revelation tie-in novel, which was pretty damn good.

I just want to know if I'm right about the twist that pretty much shouts off the book's back blurb. I'll do anything other than endure a SW book to find out.

I'm one the biggest SW book nerds I know and the one piece of adivce I'd give to peeps about this book... don't buy it :P

The author says in his foreword that this work was completed at very short notice (due to the Darth Plageuis book being cancelled) and trust me, it shows. A few factual mistakes which irk a nerd like me and some very sloppy editorial mistakes, I mean how bad is it that you spell your own character wrong? :P

Plot wise it has very little to add to what people know about Bane and it completely skips a decade of his training his apprentice. A pity as that would possibly have salvaged the book.

I read the first Darth Bane book. I won't fool myself twice. :P

I made you think it was a lollypop more than once.

Get off your box, Sheep-humper. We are all the biggest SW nerd we know, that is why we joined and stayed in the DB. Gosh. What a newb. And thanks for saving me from maybe reading a book. I'll just wait until more SW books come out on Audio CD.

PS. Reading is bad for you.

"Tied to the absolutely god-awful Jedi vs Sith comic from a few years back...pass :P"

Heh... funny you mention that Xayun, as Drew's actually been pretty badly flamed by the fanbois for having disregarded a lot of the comic by rewriting it. He's made quite a lot of nice "I don't give a toss about continuity, I care about writing a good story" comments in the past year or so that have led to some very amusing fanboi rants to read :P

I can't believe what I'm reading, this book was awesome, I couldn't put it down for the information that was in this book. It was very enlightning to see Rain's transformation to Zannah. I enjoyed the first one and I can't wait for three.

Huh, so I actually picked this up and read it on the way back from Maui. Like all of the SW books I've read, it suffered from an incredibly poor structure of plot and subplot. The wording was what you would expect from a juvenile attempting to create an adult story. It suffered continuously and continually from the same tired and monotonous overtures and insipid attempts at tempo building that the Zahn books foisted onto people. It ended up in the trash as I walked off the plane.

Save your dollar, go pick up something worthwhile like James Baldwin's "Go Tell It On The Mountain," Toole's "A Confederacy Of Dunces," or even any of the Harry Potter books make for better reading.

As I've mentioned before, I read the Star Trek books that come out and while they have great writers, a bit of variety and creativity book to book, and a well thought out release strategy ...Star Wars looks incredibly poor by comparison releasing the same drivel they've been writing for a couple of decades, series that don't feel anything like Star Wars and so tied up in their own stuff that people can't just jump in, and a general lack of creativity or talent.

When you consider how good Dark Horse comics have done with the franchise too, Star Wars books have no excuse. Sack the editors, take on new writers, don't resort to Zahn to save them, and go back to what makes Star Wars great.

How about we stop overanalizing everything and enjoy a good book?!

Yeah, I completely agree, Seth. These guys with their opinions on this book are completely out of line. Next they'll be telling us to forego our own feelings on it and just straight-out like or dislike it on their whim.

You know, kind of like you're doing now? :P

Mentioning getting rid of the editors... the Star Wars licence is actually up for renewal this year. I think they've decided on the new licencees but they're keeping quiet about it.

I've seen a rumour that its some British publisher whose name I cannot remember right now because Amazon apparently has some books scheduled for late 2009 under somebody different. So, 2009 might possibly see a change in direction like happened when Del Rey took over from Bantam if they are indeed getting rid of Del Rey.

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