Announcements - Chancellor


Announcements - Chancellor

1) Happy Holidays, kids! Hope everyone has had a good one and is ready to get back to the DB! :P
2) Competition Medal just awaiting on some things to be approved, check the DB News Site during the week for more details.

Grand Cross: DJK Waza Sunrider
Grand Cross: KAP Enahropes Teriad Entar
Grand Cross: DJK Elminster Keldorn
Grand Cross: KAP Betja Jun
Steel Cross: DJK Caltin Doros
Steel Cross: KAP Cuchulain
War Cross: JH Freedon Nad
Dark Cross: DJK Abel Malik
Dark Cross: GRD Ghost Angel
Dark Cross: OW Jae
Dark Cross: DJK Janos Silverwulf
Dark Cross: DJK Abel Malik
Cluster Of Fire: PRT Draven Dro'Dan
Cluster Of Fire: KAP Khobai
Cluster Of Fire: JH Freedon Nad x2
Cluster Of Fire: DJK Waza Sunrider
Cluster of Fire: DJK Shadow x2
Cluster Of Fire: PRT Destavol Gin
Cluster Of Fire OBM Sharad Hett

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