Shikyo Promoted to SBL? Pho given an AK?


Shikyo Promoted to SBL? Pho given an AK?

Yes you read it right, no tricks or sorcery.

Congratulate them........


Congratulations, Phoenix. If you want more praise, just read the dang recc :-p

Good work, Shikyo. I look forward to your further advancements in the HRLD's office. And, mayhaps, the return of custom robes!

Congrats Shikyo.

You don't get congratulations Pho.... I think I'll just slap you instead.

No?... My assistant is telling me that would be a bad idea.

.....fine.... Congrats Pho. This doesn't mean I like you. :p

Congrats Skikyo & Phoenix

Thanks for your dedicated service to the brotherhood.

Congrats lads! Well earned!

Grats gentlemen. Good stuff.

Congrats, Shikyo! You suck, Phobird McNuggets. :P

Congrats brohim!

Gratz to both of yous!

Nice work guys, congrats.

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