I'm living below you, stealing your internets


I'm living below you, stealing your internets

For those of you who I don't email updates to here's my deal in staccato:

I got a job. I started my job. I cannot do DB stuff at my job. I moved 2 hours away from my wife. My computer stayed at home. I slept on my friend's dog-hair-covered couch for two weeks. I just found an apartment on Saturday. I moved yesterday. I have no internet connection. I'm sitting on my porch, stealing my neighbor's connection. The cable folks come later this week. Things are finally starting to slow down.

For those of you who want to email me, here are the things I'm aware of:

  1. The site has had serious performance issues over the last three or so weeks.

  2. Some of you cannot connect to the hosting I've provided for you.

  3. There are troubles with the sessions and staying logged in.

  4. My email response time sucks at the moment.

For those of you who are dying to hear what I have to say on those subjects, here ya go:

a) I have submitted 5 support tickets over two weeks to get the website fixed. My host, who have been great for four years, is not doing so hot. I submitted another ticket a few minutes ago.

b) If this continues for another week, I will find a new hosting solution.

c) Switching to a new host is a tremendous amount of work. Pray to god it doesn't come to that, or else I will not be able to finish coding projects this month.

d) I only received notice of the FTP accounts being down a couple days ago because of my sporadic connection and lack of time. I will look into it more tomorrow.

It is unfortunate that every time I take some time off from the DB, things blow up, but that's life. Please bear with me as RL gives me hell. I don't ask for much in return for what I do for this club, but I do ask for your patience. Complaining to Sarin about the website will not get it fixed faster.


Props for the ceiling cat reference, and for patroling our internets. Al Gore didn't invent them to just go to waste :P

I love you. :(

Jac thanks! and we hope we don't change server!

I demand that Jac quit his job and work full time for the DB - for which I promise him $5/month payment (subject to a lot of small print).

I'm allergic to cats. God speed.

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