CRAP Status: Completed


CRAP Status: Completed

And what a long, crazy road it’s been. After a month of Crazy Random Assassinating, the competition has finally drawn to a close. Participation was really high each week for the gaming nights, which I love to see. Managed to net 24 different assassins overall, with roughly have of you earning more than 20 points worth of kills.

Of course, one assassin really outshone all the others – Congratulations to Protector Jack Okason for scoring 89 points and taking first place in the CRAP. Jack maintained a steady lead over the entire event and, while this last round saw a lot of jumping around score-wise, he managed to stay far out ahead. So good work, Jack.

Coming in second place would be Prelate Malidir Trepidus Erinos who earned 59 points with consistent assassin activity every week. Congratulations to Malidir.

Finally, in something of an upset, Guardian Taigikori Aybara power-assassinated his way through the ranks in just the last leg of the competition. Taig finished with 54 points, just edging out the next participant by a couple points. Congrats Taig on third place.

Full results have been included in the excel sheet linked below. The first page has the actual results, while the second page has the details of each round – how much each target was worth and who managed to defeat him/her. A note to the winners: Medals will be recommended soon, and Jack – your special prize is still being worked on, but I’ll get that finished off soon.

Good work everyone who participated in the competition and in the gaming nights in general. I hear the Independence Games are on the horizon, so this month will not have a gaming competition. Gaming Nights will continue on as normal until the IG starts.

CRAP Results (.xls format)

thank you kindly. Now to keep on my toes for IG next coming weeks.

By the way

"That's how you fight a war!"

quote from medal of honor allied assault guy.

i got 2 points!! yupi me! :P

Woot! Go Jackal!

congrats to all!

Haha, grats to Jack and my good pal Mal.

Funny thing is, I just now get what Shad was talking about in #DBgaming, about how it was a shame I didn't return to the DB at the beginning of the month. I was just gaming to game, and didn't know crap about the CRAP.

GG to Jack and Mal again! You guys are great, and grats Jack on your promotion.

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