April Comp Results/Activity


April Comp Results/Activity

1) Due to my finals coming up, my activity will not be as high as it usually is. IRC time will be cut down, but I will still check email daily, it just may take a few days to get to certain things. I'm not going on Leave of Absence, just asking to be patient if you are waiting on something from me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel

2) We ended up with a good bit of participation in the April Journeymen Competition, although it could've been better. We will bring it back, for the time being, monthly, though, so expect another one come May. Anyways, the results from "Who is the best Dark Jedi of all time and why?":

First: Jerse Remid - Taldryan

Second: Cern Unnnos - Scholae Palatinae

Third: Legorii - Arcona

Participants (not placing, just a list)

Jerse Remid - Taldryan

Cern Unnnos - Scholae Palatinae

Legorii - Arcona

Taigikori Aybara - Taldryan

Jen Derriphan - Taldryan

Asani Vosa - Scholae Palatinae

Vorion - Naga Sadow

We had a good bit of Darth Bane and Darth Maul, I personally think the latter is the most badass, but they were all interesting to read. Thanks to Kalak and Lucien for judging, keep an eye out for next month's, and crescents are on the way


Headmaster of the Brotherhood

Excellent job guys, Way to represent Cern!

Grats Jerse!

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