Wiki Audits - Complete!


Wiki Audits - Complete!

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Alrighty then,

We have pretty much completed the Image category audits. Thanks to all who helped; they are:

GRD Jerse Remid - Robes

GRD Korroth Karn - Miscellaneous

JH Sidarace Rathden - Lightsabers

JH Fenris - Warbanners

JH Anubis Annedu Wrath - Ranks

PRT Lailoken - Screenshots

KE Timbal - Droids

DJK Korvyn - Planets

JH Taigikori Aybara - Vehicles

OT Angelo Dante - Dark Council Badges

KP Tsainetomo Keibatsu - Locations

KAP Impetus Korin-M'Nar Palpatine - Creatures

DJK Robin Hawk - Starships

SBL Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu - Characters

JH Dock Alfar - Locations

SW Tsingtao Ming - Weapons

And thanks to the ingenuity of GRD Korroth Karn, we now have a few new Image Categories (Attire, Artifacts and Users). Still actually had two categories left - one is assigned to JH Tra'an Reith (Images-Awards) and the other is inaccessible at the moment (Images-Logos), but OPM Benevolent Taldrya Whiner (a Wiki Staff member) has taken care of it.

So again, thank you to all and congratulations on your Dark Side Scrolls (DSS)!

Now, how can we as members help the Wiki office in having to do less audits such as this? Make sure you check out all of the Image Categories at before you upload an image.

Also, make sure you have added the fairuse tag to all images as well as the image category to your image when you upload it. Please do not put notes in the "Summary box" that is for the tag and category, notes go on the actual discussion tab (Example: Image talk:Abyssal Tome.jpg is where you would put notes on who designed or created the image).

Next on our audit list is a big task consisting of all 1,473 images that have a fairuse tag - because they all don't have categories. But this will be done later next month.

Keep in mind that if you upload an image, but do not link it to a page, it is very likely it will be deleted if I notice it has not been linked after a couple of hours. We do not tolerate unused images. Even if it once was linked to a page, we are not going to store it for you, if it's unused, it's outta here.

Thank you all for your help in making the DJBWiki such a great success!

Hey Tron and all the wiki staff. Thanks for hosting this bit, and sharing with us how just a little taste of what you guys do. I hope you do something else like this so that more of us can learn how to do stuff like "Audit", and maybe even become a wiki staff member after a little more training.

<3 Sid >=B

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