Clone Wars Trailer


Clone Wars Trailer

Most of you have probably seen this by now, but nonetheless linked is the trailer for the Clone Wars movie coming out August 15th, 2008.


On another note, I'm still on a somewhat leave of absence as exams come up, so be patient with emails and SI/SF requests and the such. I get to them when I can.

You have failed me. :P

Eh. I'm 50/50 over this. It has potential...but at the same time things with potential tend to get royally fucked up when Lucas puts his hand on them.

Tolter is gay. Yeah, that's right :P

Animation is gay.

Yeah, it pretty much looks like the Animated series a few years ago...With a little better CGI. :P

I somewhat agree with Debric, I'm not super pumped about this, to me the animation looks blah, but I'll still be there to see it

I loved the cartoon series and comics, but that's just me

I think this film will be quite good, I mean any film will beat the comics or the 15 minute cartoon. I guess we will just have to wait and see :P

Even as a huge Star Wars nerd, I can't seem to get excited for this. The Clone Wars were once this cool thing that Obi-Wan mentioned in Ep. IV, and now it has become so overstuffed with crap that it really doesn't stack up to what I had hoped it would be.

No haterade allowed.... Looks awesome to me!

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