Qel-Droma Quaestor Position Open for Applications


Qel-Droma Quaestor Position Open for Applications

Qel-Droma's House Quaestor, Zandro Erinos, has decided to step down and take a break from leadership. Zandro has served as a leader in a variety of positions within the Clan for around two years now! Arcona thanks Zandro for his constant support, high quality work, long term commitment and effort as an effective, respected Arconan leader.

Due to this change, we have decided to open the Quaestor position to the entire Dark Brotherhood. Recently we appointed two high calibre Aediles, both from outside the Clan. We are hoping to generate the same interest once more.

Are you looking to progress further in the Brotherhood?
Are you an ambitious, hard working, loyal Dark Jedi?
Are you fed up with your current Brotherhood situation?
Do you think you could do better than all the current leaders you have worked with but have never had the chance yourself?
Would you like a change from your current role or be willing to accept a new challenge?
If you answered yes to any of these, you need to apply!!!

Any and all in the Dark Brotherhood may apply. If you are considering applying you should be familiar with the role and responsibilities of the position (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Quaestor) and your application should also meet the following requirements:

1) Must be the rank of Dark Jedi Knight or higher to apply
2) Must have had previous leadership experience in the Brotherhood - details of this experience should be included in the application
3) Must have a 24 hour e-mail turn around time.
4) Must have access to IRC and be able to frequent #Arcona daily.
5) Must outline their vision and plans for the House in anyway possible.
6) Must be able to work with the Clan summit.

The deadline for applications is Friday 6th June, 2008.

All applications should be sent to DJM Mejas Doto and OP Sashar Kodiak Erionos. If you can't find our e-mail addresses through the DB website please don't bother applying - you're probably utterly incompetent. Oberst, once again, you also should also not bother applying :P

Embrace the Darkness,

*DJM Mejas Doto, di Tenebrous Arconae
"Guardian of Arcona"
Consul of Clan Arcona

DJM Mejas Doto (Krath)/CON/Arcona [ACC: CL:3]
DS / EDx2 / RS / AK / SB / GC-PoDP / SC-CoI / AC-RoT / DC-DP / SN / BN-AgL / Cr-2D-2R-2A-4S-1E / CF-BlF / DSS-EL / SI / LS-AuL / S:-11M-3D


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