Take that Injectorman!


Take that Injectorman!


I apologize that the site had to be taken down again, but apparently there were still a few little leaks in the code. There may still be some -- who knows. I fixed another 3 holes that I found after going through the site script-by-script. The problem is that I might not know exactly what is attacking us the next time -- it may find another hole.

There are still some problems with the site that are attributable to the recreation of the database. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, made it so when you import a database table, it not only ignores what primary keys are set, but it also ignores the "Allow Null Values" field. So, you may see errors that say "XXX column does not accept null values. If so, e-mail me -- easy fix. I think I got the ones that were screwing with new members and the ACC.

I am embarking this week on a "delete crap" mission. While suffering through nights of examining our database, I've decided that there are some tables that I don't need to ever look at again. Goodbye IWATS data! Hello stuff we actually use!

I have to do a little bit more data entry on the Character Sheets -- that's been pushed aside for the security stuff. I'll try to have the beta emails out this weekend and then launch it 1-2 weeks after that.

I am a bit behind on e-mails. Bear with me, thanks!


No more IWATS?!?!

Yay Jac and his team! You guys rock! <3

<3 jac long tiems!!!


See I think Jac sucks. He's a terrible human being who enjoys killing small bunnies and sending children to labour camps.

Oh! Wait... nevermind. That's Braecen. Jac is cool.

So does this round of SQL Injection qualify me to officially be on your staff, Jac? :P

I love you Jac and your staff :P. thanks for everything.

IWATS? I will join the cry with everyone else :P

NNNNNnnnooooooooooooo!!! There goes all of my test scores for IWATS!!!!

cries harshly

LOL, excellent work, Jac. Any you're right... All the site needs is just more cowbell, er, Jac. ;)

All hail Jac and the SCL Team! You guys rock!

but..but..IWATS ?! :(


Jac, you and your team are AWESOME!
My thanks to all of you.
But what did the IWATS ever do to you?

Cool beans. Thanks, Jac.

Jac you and those that helped you on this are to say the least awesome. I would like to thank you for all your hard work. I know at times it seems a thankless job, but you and your team are very much appreciated by us. Well done...well done indeed!


thanks for all the work Jac and staff.

woohoo on finally getting to beta the Char sheet

Hail Jak!

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