Calling all gamers!


Calling all gamers!

Posted on behalf of HLK & HMR Summit:

CNS House Feud: Gaming

From October 1st through October 10th, Clan Naga Sadow will enter the fourth and final chapter of it's 40 day House Feud "Battle for Inos". During this Chapter, all members of the Dark Brotherhood, Emperor's Hammer, and anyone else that can be dug up are asked to assist CNS by providing "NPCs" for gaming. Basically, the Clan is uniting and fighting an enemy, so for the gaming portion of this Chapter, members of the clan need fictional enemies to fight for the plot.

All DB platforms are allowed, and CFs will be awarded just like it was a Gaming Night. The only special rule is that all matches must be CNS-vs-whoever. So, a 1v1 against a member of CNS, or a 2v2 with 2 members of CNS and two non-CNS members. Matches can be made in #dbgaming or #naga_sadow. All matches must be reported to Faeril and myself (Derev) via email. The CNS members you are competing with will be able to do this for you. Please make sure your pins are included, if a non-DB member participates, please include an IDline to ensure they get proper credit!

If anyone has any questions on this, please send them directly to myself and Faeril

SBM Derev Niroth
SW Faeril Nunlear

SBM Ashura Isradia
Proconsul of CNS

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