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DB Forums Info

A few important message board announcements, especially for new members.

When you sign up for the MBs it will say that you should expect to be sent a validation email. We have to manually tell the MBs to send these (and sort through the fake ones) - which I try to do at least once per day. However sometimes it may take more than 24 hours, or sometimes your name might look really random and I delete it.

So to help me out (and get your registration quicker), do these things:

_1) Email me as soon as you register, tell me the username you used, and I'll handle it as soon as I check my email.

2) Use your DB name as your username. If you pick something really random, I'm going to think you're one of the hundreds of "phishing" joins we get, and delete you._

Also if you've registered in the past but never got a validation email - or really if you're having any MB issues at all - just email me or catch me on IRC and I can help you out.

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