GM LoA Over


GM LoA Over


I am officially back to my duties as GM. I appreciate everyone's patience over the last few days in waiting for my response to emails and questions on mIRC. I took a few extra days of leave to enjoy time with my family and it was time well spent.

Whoever stole my office furniture needs to put it back.

Screw you. I'm not giving the couch back.

If BF had the couch you may want to let him keep it... yeah.

No, if YOU had the couch, he'd want to let you keep it. I don't have herpes. Or whatever else you've managed to pick up lately.

steals more

No, Shad is clean, he actually watches who he bends, so as not to catch anything from all of you non-tallys. =P
And yeah, seconded on the 'letting-BF-keep-the-couch", there could be furies stuck in the cracks, and nobody likes those. Well... Except BF and all of his Tarentum buddies, they worship those things.

Uhhh, yeah. You have no fuxXxing idea of what you're talking about, Sidarace. And I am incredibly amused.

Yeah I don't normally defend BF or Tarentum but...uh.....

Furries != Tarentum

I am pretty sure furries are animals that CSP likes! I prefer less furry animals like penguins and alcoholic women myself.

/me collects from the coppers and gives the GM a new couch.

Nuff Said. :P

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