More Holiday Goodies


More Holiday Goodies

More goodies to give out... A little earlier than normal today, because I'm going to be out of town for the night.

Well, to be honest, Shikyo and I had only planned on giving out a saber today, but I decided to up the stakes. Besides, with you kids getting two presents a day throughout this Herald-Style Hanukkah, I figured I might as well keep up the trend and continue spoiling you. :P<p>

Anyway, today's goodies include a tasty robe for the Elder Class (the first tasty gift that they've gotten this season) called 'Stalker'. And then, for Equites, they'll get the 'Officer' saber. <p>

And since I know you like to see what they are... here we go:<p> <p>

Enjoy, and see you all tomorrow!

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Looks awesome, Muz! Thanks and have yourself a good holiday!

I can't wait for 10 and a half years to pass. :p

Quite nice. Happy Holidays.

Smexy robes from our Smexy DGM and HRLD. ;]

Bah. I want those robes. :P

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