Even more goodies.


Even more goodies.

Betcha thought I forgot. :P

Today's Goodies are of the Saber Variety. There's a Short Lightsaber, called the Shoto. This little monster is available at DJK. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the longer Zweihander, which is available at Equite ranks.



Enjoy, and keep watching for more stuff tomorrow!<p>



Yay! Yoda's saber! Now all I need is his pants to put it into.

Heart the shoto!


Shadow got a shoto not long ago, and I got a Three-handed hilt not to long ago either... I'm detecting a Taldryan craze coming on.

If I recall correctly, Arcona's Consul got his shoto before Shadow :P

Technically, KotOR did it first? :P

lol. Fighting over a shoto.

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