Saturday Special


Saturday Special

Yesterday I doubled up on sabers, so today, I'll double you up on robes. We have the Blizzard robes for a bit of a twist there. The Blizzard is available at Equite Ranks. Also, we have the viking robes, armoured and vicious. These will be available for your selector at elder ranks.


Enjoy, and watch out for tommorow's final batch of toys.<p>




Great job on the Blizzard robes...

<3 teh Muz

They look like Kung Fu Robes. Awesome. Great work Muz.

Mightily sexy. C'mon, Dossier Update!!!!

Kick ass job Muz, love em both

Awwww come on!!!!!! :P

Us Journeymen get jipped!! I wanna request that Journeymen get more Robes please cuz this is just not right. XD

Hey, be greatful that Muzzles and Shik are even DOING this for us, mkay? They could be working on a lot of other things, instead of giving us these pwntastic robes and goodies. Kthx.

It shouldn't take you all too long, minus the new time reqs, to get to the level to enjoy the robes. That is why they are at higher ranks. It's a 'perk' for those that have made it that far.


Yeah, it's just added incentive to reach those higher ranks. You'd be suprised how little it actually takes.

Two things I saw on the blizzard robes: Krath drop down seems to not be working. Also, was it the intention that the "robe" option gave just a hood on this suit and not just the robe? Very sharp work still!

Prajna: The krath seems to be working at this point. Dunno if there was a glitch or what. The 'robe' option is just a hood on the blizzard, it is intentional.

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