Merry Sithmas!


Merry Sithmas!

Ho Ho Ho.

Today is the end of the Sithmas Giving season here... And it's a bit of a doozy.<p> Today, we have 2 robes: one for the journeymen, called 'Soldier', and one for the Equites called 'Ancient'. I was originally going to give this one to the elders, but hey, merry sithmas. ;P<p> For the Sabers, we have one for the Knights, called the 'Omen' and one for the Equites, called the 'Choke'.<p> <p> <p> Enjoy, everybody!<p>

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I think I'm going to found a new religion named Muzism. That 'Ancient' robe is deserving of orgies of worship.

Revan (or Galen) like robes and Obi-wan esque saber ftw!!

thx Muz :)


Great work.

Great job, love 'em.

Lots of <3 for the muzzles and crew.

If there was never a reason before to move up into the EQ ranks there is now.

I agree! Excellent work, Muz!

Vexatus, I'll gladly devote myself to Muzism =P

I love Muz and Shikyo for these gifts!!!

Do you guys celebrate Valentine's day, Easter, ... in a similar way too??
And do you do birthdays? Cos if so, mine's on January 19th.

lol, seriously though: I love you guys for these gifts!

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