The Wiki Is Back


The Wiki Is Back


After the backups were retrieved from the server company for a low cost of $10.00, the wiki has been restored to January 4th's edits. There may have been some minor data loss between 6am and my skillful deletion of the tables a couple hours later.

Sorry for the lapse in service, and thank you to everyone for your understanding.

Now go edit the wiki!

Oh the sweet, sweet, wiki! Good job, Orv

Yeah! Teh wikiz!

Thanks Orv.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE now I can edit and make a descent page!

Good Job

that $10 coming out of your salary? :P

No, it's coming out of Jac's.

No. I paid for it.



You guys are big time JEDI VIRUS KILLERS! Thanks for the hard work at keeping both sites running and working. Now your next challenge.......

Making Tie Fighter and JA work on my computer since I went from win98 to winME. LOL

Keep up the good work

Congrats for the super recovery. I know what that feels like. Palms sweat etc. Hope you bought yourself another bag of seeds. They seem to do the trick.

Excellent work! Man, this reminds me of a story of a reformat that took place at work. I lost about three solid weeks of PHP/MySQL work. I cussed the heck outta myself. ;)

Gotta try the sunflower seeds next time, though, they seem to help. ;)

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