Catching Up


Catching Up

Hey all,

Now that the site is back up, we need to do a little administrative catching up. Orv informs me that we lost all data from the 12th on so if you received any medals or promotions, or made any transfers or requests, or were appointed to anything from then on, you need to forward me a copy of the email so I can add it back into the database. In most instances, I'll simply forward it to your leader and have them resubmit it so if you want to go ahead and bypass me and do that, go for it.

If you requested a competition from me during the downtime and it was approved, please resubmit it so it can go in the database. If you notice anything else wrong, let me know. Thanks

DJM Kaek


Does this include clusters?

Cluster of Fires are the domain of the Gaming Tribune

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