Message Board Update


Message Board Update

Message Board Status

While the main site was down, I continued to approve new message board accounts, however without the roster search feature to help me, I may have mistaken some real members for spambots. So if you created an account on the message boards but still cannot log in - send me an email and we'll work it out.

MB Account Approval Process

There seems to be some confusion about the creation of message board accounts, so I'll quickly explain it (leaders pay attention, you might see this question from your members).

When you register a new account on the MBs, the site will tell you to wait for a verification email - however due to some odd interaction with our main website, these emails are no longer sent out by the MBs. Instead, I login to the MBs every day and manually go through the list of new accounts (mostly spambots) and approve the ones actually belonging to our members. No email is sent when I approve the accounts, but they can be used any time after I hit "approve".

So if you have registered for the MBs (or do so in the future) - wait 24 hours after registering, then try to login to the boards. It should work - if it doesn't, email me and I'll fix it right away. If anyone has any questions about the MBs, just ask me.

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