Mini-HM Report


Mini-HM Report

Since the site went down right after I posted my one-year report, I wanted to highlight a view of the major announcements. First, Clan Naga Sadow and Clan Arcona History have both been released, although you can't take them right now because of the Shadow Academy site being beefed up defense-wise... hmm...

The bigger reminder is the position of Praetor to the Headmaster is open to applications:


he Praetor to the Headmaster serves a number of important roles. First and foremost, the Praetor is the Headmaster's closest advisor and is consulted on every matter of importance to the Shadow Academy. Often the Praetor is responsible for developing and running projects with little to no guidance from the Headmaster; the Praetor must also be able to manage magistrates and eclectic pedagogues. A good Praetor will have the confidence to speak for the Headmaster in most situations and the competence to be right. Here is a more specific list of attributes:


-Excellent English writing ability and comprehension

-HTML and CSS knowledge

-Good judgement and initiative

-Previous leadership experience (perferrably house summit or higher)

-Ability to work well with Headmaster Dupar

-32 hour email turnaround

-Enjoyment of working on SA-related projects, sometimes not the most fun

-P:HM + summit positions = doesn't work; house summit are handled case-by-case, so by no means let this stop you from applying, but you cannot be Praetor and PCON/CON, it's just too much


-Advanced coding knowledge, including PHP

-Experience in the Shadow Academy through staff positions

--Praetor to the Headmaster is a pretty big position filled with projects, and as a leader of the Shadow Academy you have a large staff under you to keep in contact with, but it has some pretty nice rewards. Look at Dacien, he was promoted twice during his term. The purpose of the position, besides providing guidance and support, though, is as a learning position for those who one day see themselves as possible Headmasters. This path is not a guarantee, but experience counts for a lot.

In your application, obviously, provide some background information. Your character, leadership experience, particularly any involvement with the Shadow Academy, the usual application information. Also include your thoughts on the current state of the Academy, where it is going, where you would like to see it go, what ideas you have to make things better. Do you have thoughts on fictional updates? competitions? courses? degrees? List them all here. In the end, tell us why you would make a good Praetor, what is your motive to be dedicated to not only the Academy, but the foundation for new Brotherhood recruits? Email applications to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Dacien Victae ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). At that time, finalists will be decided upon, and we'll go from there. Do not expect a decision until after the GJW, however. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to inquire._

Today was the original deadline, but I am going to extend the deadline another week to February 6th, so if you are interested in applying, do so by then. On February 8th, I will release a report announcing the new Praetor.

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