The Old Republic - E3 Cinematic Trailer


The Old Republic - E3 Cinematic Trailer

This is 1000x better than episodes I-III.

Old Republic Trailer


I messed myself.....Twice.

Awesome trailer. Best part is at about 1:50 I reckon. This will definitely give WoW a run for its money.

Now I know why I always choose the dark side :P

i think i JIZZ in my pants.....twice!

OH holy crap that was AWESOME...I can not wait for the MMO!

Yeah....I'll be quitting the Army when this releases.

That was pretty friggin' sweet.

Now I must sit back and wait for the geeks to hunt down the Sith Lord's image and upload it on the Wiki as their own.

My MMO senses are twitching. Wait, that's Sklib...

Wow, that was pretty damn cool. Is it too late to call a re-do on ep's I-III?

It would be a lot cooler w/o all those bothersome Sith running around :P

Lucas should definitely give up the live action thing and focus on a kickass CGI movie :P (made by the guys who made this trailer)

I jizzed in my pants so much, it hurt.

But in a good way.

Hmmm.. Needs more Jar Jar!

(not really.. I'm just trying to make people rage, here :P)

this game better kick complete ass. if this turns out that this game sucks like SWG i am going to be super pissed and write angry rants on every forum i can find :p

Suppose I should point out that this was cinematic, and is miles from in-game graphics?

That being said, Im definitely going to play this game ^^

This is gonna shove a burning saber down the throats of the other MMOs out there. Some, like Star Wars Galaxies I see this as a terminal elimination, though I'm sure there will be some poor souls trying to keep it alive.

I'm so ready for this to come out!! Break the chains

That was pure epic awesomeness....wish there was a release date though.

This fucks WoW in the face. Kick ass awesome

I have but two words to say. Warcraft: you lose.

I nominate Raid to lead the "new" DBPA for the MMO :P

Seriously though.....looks good, a whole lot better than SWG hopefully it doesnt get ruined like SWG was with SoE


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