Titles and Honorifics Policy


Titles and Honorifics Policy


A few questions have arisen regarding the variety of titles and honorifics we have in the Brotherhood. Last week I drafted an updated policy to address these questions and clarify the official stance on these titles and honorifics.

You may find the new policy at this link temporarily. The Policies and Projects page will be updated soon.

Dark Jedi Master Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

Excellent… This is an even bigger jackpot than when the Emperor discovered the key to great Star Wars dialogue!.
"Something, something, something, dark side. Something, Something, Something, Complete!"

Once your draft is approved let me know and I'll update the Wiki.

For once, I can not make a smart ass comment....... I am saddened by this.
Good work Kaek.

That all makes a lot of sense- good to see the policy updated!

z0mygod! It's policy I agree with! :o


The draft is already approved we just haven't been able to upload it to the Policies and Procedures page. So you can go ahead and update the wiki. Thanks

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