Chamber of Justice Taking Applications


Chamber of Justice Taking Applications

Xander's eventful term as Left Hand of Justice has expired, so I am now taking applications for the position. If you don't know what the LHoJ does, read about it here!

Here are the criteria you must meet to apply:
-Rank of at least DJK
-Past DB leadership experience
-Must have passed the DB Judicial Certification Course - CoJ 1
(in the past, or you can take it now)

As always, I would prefer some "legal" experience as well, such as classes taken in school, etc - but this is not a requirement.

Reminder: The Dark Sage (Law) degree from the Shadow Academy requires a term of CoJ service as Justicar or a Hand of Justice.

The CoJ has several events on it's docket, so this is going to be a short application period. I will take applications beginning now until Monday, July 6th.

Thank you for your service, Alexander. Good luck to the applicants! =D

I can haz LHoJ plz?

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