Final GJW Awards


Final GJW Awards

Just moments ago I awarded the last of the medals earned during the Ninth Great Jedi War. I apologize for the delay on the CFs, but I had to study for and take the med school admissions exam a little while ago, so I hurriedly did the Novae and Seals right after the GJW, leaving the CFs for this week. So, as of right now, any medals you earned (Novae, Seals, CFs) from the GJW should be awarded.

Errors: If you feel I have made an error in your awarding, please contact me via email. DO NOT simply email me saying, "this isn't right" or "you messed up". If you are claiming an error, explain why the number was incorrect. Any emails I receive with no explanation will be ignored.

Edit: I've received a few emails so far, which reminded me I should mention that we used a simplified CF rewarding system for this GJW. Specifically, there were no multipliers used for the team gaming matches, and we used these win/loss numbers:

JO/JA/JK/RC BF/BFII - 1 per win, 1/3 per loss
EaW - 3 per win, 1 per loss

Kir's given out Erectile Dysfunctions before.'re asking Kir to give you ED?

"Dear Kir,

I feel there has been an error made regarding the rewards for the GJW as I have yet to receive an Emerald Dagger. I believe I should have this because I am awesome, and because I have never once believed or made claims you were gay despite rumours suggested from your close friends. If you could be so kind, you can give me the ED anytime at your leasure. ~R~"

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