Teräs Käsi


Teräs Käsi

Because so many people seem to make a link for Teräs Käsi but do not look at their page to see that the link is actually red and does not lead to anything, which leads to me correcting those unnecessary errors, I've decided to let you all know what you need to put down if you want to link it on your page.

If you wish to link Teräs Käsi on your page, look at the following and take a close look at all of the letters (some are not your typical letters - look closely at the a's)

The following link should be used: [[starwars:Teräs Käsi|Teräs Käsi]]

Addendum: Hold 'alt' and 'plus' (not the numpad one). Then, press 'a'.

hopes european qwerty keyboards are similar to others in that aspect

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