New Poll: Are you going to get SWTOR?


New Poll: Are you going to get SWTOR?


I want to gauge how many people are planning on letting SWTOR ruin their lives. I know I am! Definitely going to buy the game, no matter what.

Please vote in the new poll and let use know if you are planning on buying the game when it is released. You need to be logged in to vote.


The end game content/raiding will need to be pretty good to get me away from LOTRO. I'll buy it for sure, but as for whether I'll stick around once I max out will determine on the raid structure.

I <3 Jac and TOR.

PS: Apparently there is going to be a new SW game announced at the Spike TV Video Game Awards on December 12. Gametrailers has a teaser of the teaser (shows only old game footage).

Here's hoping for a new Jedi Knight!

It'll be the announcment of either Battlefront III or Yoda Stories 2 :P

My credits are on BFIII

poll doesn't work, its leading me to an error message...

Anyways, if there are three options, I imagine...

A) Definitely, no matter what!

B) Maybe



Make sure you're logged in first before you click the link. :)

I will buy it so I can destroy every living Jedi in the galaxy.

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