Herald Style Hanukkah Day XII


Herald Style Hanukkah Day XII

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For today, we present to you the Fog robes for members at Dark Jedi Knight and the Treachery lightsaber for those who are at Equite 4. Muz's steampunk obsession is resposible for the sexiness that is the Fog robes. The Treachery saber is based off of the unidentified Sith's saber (from the TOR teaser trailer) made in staff form.

Again, please keep in mind that everything will not come out the instant a news report is up. It does take time for us to finalize coding and all but rest assured, it will be up the day of the posting. So for now, enjoy the sexiness and look forward to more presents brought to you from the Herald’s Office!

The Fog robes were created by Muz Ashen. The Treachery saber was designed by Shikyo Keibatsu.

-KPN Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

Those are some BA robes, Muz, especially the one with the Cloak. Wicked awesome. Also, those sobers are hawt, Shik. In my opinion, best day yet. Also, because of Orv's fancy gold/yellow bold font, I'm the first to post! Yay!

Just wanted to say awesome job guys. Glad we didn't have to wait a whole year for all this pimpin stuff.

those robes are by far the coolest i have seen. i am def gonna be rock'n them for awhile...

Need a more gothic set Muz. Good job though.

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