Spambot problems


Spambot problems

Everyone has probably noticed the spambot problems that we're seeing on our mail lists now. This is the result of some nasty little scriptkiddies that guess your email password, change your vacation responder and signature line and start sending the spam to people in your address book.

The site that the mails advertise is a phishing site, which is to say do not go to the site. Generally, it's a safe bet to assume spam whenever a member of the club is trying to show you any sort of site on which to buy stuff, if you didn't ask them about it first.

So, the way to fix this is to log into your email account, change your password (to something that isn't just words or names, use caps and numbers and so forth), turn your vacation responder off, and restore your signature to what you had before.

Seeing as how we have a lot of inactive people, we'll probably see a few more of these spam messages hit the lists, so I just want to stress that we should ot be following those links.


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